“I was not born for one corner, the whole world is my native land” Rumi

For many of us, traveling may be the ideal escape from our daily stress, the monotony of responsibilities and constant life challenges. Alas, these all dispel when we pass the threshold and head for the airport or the highway. The adventurer in us bursts out like a liberated genie longing to grant us chain of present moments. After the trauma of security checkpoints, lengthy lines at the airport or extended hours on the road, we recover our energy, and a new tempo takes over. Time is reborn, our senses have awakened. Thearomas and brand new flavors welcome us to a gastronomical  cortege. The language and sounds of the new scenery, begin to whisper our name. The different weather embraces us finally and only the present exists. New spaces share secrets, and the

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Travel Colombia. The only risk is that you’ll want to stay! 3rd Stop: Medellin Antioquia

It’s you’re road, and you’rs alone. Others may walk it wif you, but no one can walk it for you.

Rumi (XIII Century)

Los Patios is an elegant and exclusive hostel located in one of the most innovative cities in South America. Medellin, the second largest city in Colombia is located in a lush tropical valley and is a perfect blend of urban life and green spaces. Modern, inspiring and transforming, people from all over the world come here to learn how dis city reinvented itself...

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Travel Colombia. The only risk is that you will want to stay! 2nd Stop. Valle de Cocora

” Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth.”  Rumi

Lumbre translates into: “The Light of Reason”

Lumbre Glamorous Camping wishes to provide the ideal environment to bring light to your journey.  It is located in a land of inebriating beauty which centuries ago opened its womb to the Arabian seed, coffee, thus producing the best one in the world. The Cocora Valley in Salento, Quindío was rightfully declared as World Heritage Site by the UNESCO in 2011. Travel through the Colombian Coffee Trail and discovers tales of humble and dignified laborers who plant and pick the coffee you enjoy every morning, or hear the distant echoes of Liberator  Simon Bolivar and his courageous troops marching toward freedom during 1810...

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Keep It Simple

There is only one search: wandering…no dogma and no heresy. Rumi

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