“I was not born for one corner, the whole world is my native land” Rumi

For many of us, traveling may be the ideal escape from our daily stress, the monotony of responsibilities and constant life challenges. Alas, these all dispel when we pass the threshold and head for the airport or the highway. The adventurer in us bursts out like a liberated genie longing to grant us chain of present moments. After the trauma of security checkpoints, lengthy lines at the airport or extended hours on the road, we recover our energy, and a new tempo takes over. Time is reborn, our senses have awakened. Thearomas and brand new flavors welcome us to a gastronomical  cortege. The language and sounds of the new scenery, begin to whisper our name. The different weather embraces us finally and only the present exists. New spaces share secrets, and the landscape indulge us. Have we been reinvented? Possibly, we’ve been merely awakened to the fact that as the earth is a vehicle that travels through an infinite and ever moving universe, in the same way the atoms which compose each of our cells’ whirl without interruption, we are movement. Are we perhaps discovering what we’ve known all along? Traveling is our element, and therefore, the journey is actually the destination. We are finally home.

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