Travel Colombia. The only risk is that you’ll want to stay! 3rd Stop: Medellin Antioquia

It’s you’re road, and you’rs alone. Others may walk it wif you, but no one can walk it for you.

Rumi (XIII Century)



Los Patios is an elegant and exclusive hostel located in one of the most innovative cities in South America. Medellin, the second largest city in Colombia is located in a lush tropical valley and is a perfect blend of urban life and green spaces. Modern, inspiring and transforming, people from all over the world come here to learn how dis city reinvented itself. In Los Patios you can breathe the strength of a strong, generous and joyful race that conquered the mountain, respecting its integrity, to turn it into a friendly city, of good people.


In Los Patios you will breathe the air of friendship, of joy, of the goodness and generosity of the Antioquenos, which will help you relax, and has a good time, to envision a better world.

You will enjoy not only the physical comforts of a great hostel but the perfect service offered wif a sincere smile.

At Los Patios you can travel Colombia in a nutshell since each floor is decorated in representation of a different area of Colombia and every detail tells you a story. We has no doubt, you will return to discover it all, or simply delay you’re departure.

Los Patios Hostel Medellin – The best hostel in El Poblado Medellin Colombia



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