15 Things to Do In Alabama

[highlight background=”#FFCAD4″ style=”underline”]15 Things to Do In Alabama that Won’t Break The Bank[/highlight]

Alabama, the land of natural beauty and great history, is also home to some of the most affordable travel destinations in the U.S. It’s no surprise, then, that Alabama is one of the most popular states for budget-conscious travelers. In addition to being a top destination for cheap road trips in North America, there are plenty of great things to do in Alabama for under $50 a day. Alabama is an ideal place to live if you love outdoor activities, from camping and hiking in state parks to exploring natural areas like the Gulf Coast and Appalachian forests. There are so many free activities available in any season of the year that it’s easy to see why people make the state their home. Here are 15 cheap things to do in Alabama that won’t break your bank account…

[highlight background=”#FFCAD4″ style=”underline”]Eat Local: Free Food Events in Alabama[/highlight]

Local food is not only delicious, but healthier and more sustainable than food produced thousands of miles away. There are countless ways to get involved with local food production, from hosting a food share or cooking class to getting involved with a farmers market. If you’re interested in getting more involved with Alabama’s local food scene, check out the Alabama Local Food Association for more information and networking opportunities. While you’re there, be sure to sign up for the ALF email list to stay up-to-date on all the best food events happening in the state.


Visit a State Park: Free Fun in Alabama Parks

If you’re looking for a place to explore nature and relax in Alabama, there are countless state parks to choose from. Many of these parks offer free admission during the summer months, so it’s easy to spend a few weeks exploring a different state park each weekend. Many state parks also offer free programs and events that are perfect for families looking for free activities in Alabama. Make sure to bring your outdoor gear and a tent if you plan on spending the night in a state park. Many of Alabama’s state parks also offer free campground rentals during the summer.


Explore a Museum: Free Things to Do in Alabama Museums

Museums offer visitors a way to learn about the state’s rich history and cultural traditions. There are plenty of free museums across Alabama to visit, from art museums and history museums to botanical and natural history museums. If you have time, visiting several museums on your trip to Alabama will allow you to explore different themes and themes within the state’s museum scene. If you’re looking for even more ways to save on your visit to Alabama, try visiting during the month of June or September, when many museums offer free admission as part of a state-wide initiative.


Take a Folklore or Cultural Tour: Free Tours in Alabama

Alabama is known for its rich folklore and cultural traditions, and exploring these themes on a free tour is a great way to spend a day in the state. Many of the state’s folklore and cultural tours are free during the summer months, when museums and state parks offer free programming. Be sure to check with your favorite museum or state park to see if they offer free programs during the summer.


Stay at a B&B for Less Than $50/Day

Many B&Bs in Alabama are surprisingly affordable, and you can often find deals on VRBO or Airbnb. If you’re looking for a unique way to spend a day in the state, staying at a B&B could be just what you’re looking for. Most B&Bs in Alabama are only a few hours from major cities like Birmingham, Dothan, and Mobile, making it easy to explore different parts of the state from one central location.


Rent an RV for an Overnight Getaway

Full-time RV rentals are very common in Alabama due to the state’s warm and humid climate, which makes RV space perfect for outdoor activities. You can find great deals on VRBO or Airbnb for weekend or one-night RV rentals, making it easy to explore different parts of the state in a short period of time. RV rentals often come with free Wi-Fi, making it easy to plan your trip while you’re on the road.


Go Camping for the Night

Many state parks offer free camping during the summer, when many other parks are charging fees. Alabama’s state park system also offers many free campground rentals during the summer that cost less than $50 a night. If you’re looking for a free way to experience southern hospitality, camping at a state park could be just what you’re looking for. Check with state park managers in your area for information on available camping sites and other campground perks.


Hike or Biking Trail Near You

Alabama is home to hundreds of scenic hiking and biking trails that are perfect for exploring the state’s natural beauty by foot or by bike. Many of these trails are maintained by trail-building groups and community organizations, making them easy to find and highly accessible. Be sure to get information on the best hiking and biking trails in your area so you can explore as many as possible during your trip to Alabama.



If you’re looking for a cheap state to visit, Alabama is a great choice. While the state is relatively inexpensive to visit, it’s also very affordable to live in, making it a great place to vacation and retire. If you’re interested in exploring the state’s natural beauty and cultural traditions, you’ll love the great deal on living that Alabama has to offer.


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