Best things to do in Yemen

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Traveling to Yemen? You’re in for a treat. It is one of the least-explored countries in the Arab world. In addition to being home to numerous ancient sites and natural landscapes, it also has all the modern amenities you could want. If you’re looking for an authentic African safari with no fences or cages, this is your place. Yemen is blessed with more than 4200 kilometers of sandy beaches. In fact, the world’s second longest coastline stretches almost entirely along the country’s eastern province of Hadramaut. The southern provinces of Aden and Lahj are also great spots to enjoy the sea as well as mountains and forests. Read on for useful information when traveling to this beautiful country – from practical tips and considerations, to insider recommendations and hidden gems that you should definitely visit

[highlight background=”#FFCAD4″ style=”underline”]Key Travel Facts

About the currency – Yemeni Riyal – Climate – The weather in Yemen varies greatly by season. From the rainy season (June – October) to the cool season (November – May), you can expect temperatures to be around 32°C. – Visiting – The best time to visit Yemen is between September and March. During this time, the northern provinces of Sana’a and Hijja are at their warmest, while the rest of the country is at its most comfortable. During the months of November – February, the northern and central regions experience cooler weather, while the southern parts of the country see average temperatures rise. During the rainy season (June – October), travel is not recommended. – Getting around – If you want to visit all the key sites in Yemen, you will need to plan at least a month. – Language – More than 98% of the population in Yemen speak Arabic. English is also widely spoken. There is a growing number of expats who understand and speak Spanish or Japanese as well.


Why you should visit Yemen?

Yemen is a gorgeous country with a fascinating history and culture. The architecture in the cities and towns of Shabwa and Hadramawt is truly breathtaking. There are also several other reasons to visit this country. – There is a lot to see and do in Yemen. Popular sites include the ancient city of Sana’a, the stunning mountains of Asir and Marib, the coral islands of Ras Malah and Socotra, the ancient city of Hodeida, and the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Great Mosque at Zabargad. There are also plenty of cultural and archaeological sites to visit, making Yemen a great place for history lovers and archeologists. – In terms of food, Yemen is also an interesting place. Popular dishes include kabsa, malawach, and zilzil, which are all served with bread, meat and vegetables. You can also try wazah, a traditional breakfast food.


Things to do in Yemen

– Visit the Great Mosque at Zabargad: The Great Mosque at Zabargad is one of the most important archaeological sites in Yemen. The site is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The mosque is one of the most beautiful examples of the Mud Architecture in the Arab world, and is also thought to be one of the oldest buildings in the country. – Visit the Cradle of Civilization: The World Heritage Site of the Cradle of Civilization is a great place to visit in Yemen. The site encompasses 68 archeological sites and is thought to hold the key to the origins of human civilization. – Visit the Neolithic Sites of Tappah: The Neolithic sites of Tappah are also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and are thought to be the oldest human settlements in the world. These sites are thought to be more than 5,000 years old. – Visit the Great Mosque at Madinah: The Great Mosque at Madinah is the second-holiest site in Islam, and is also one of the oldest buildings in the world. – Visit the UNESCO World Heritage Sites at Shibam and Dhamar: Shibam and Dhamar are UNESCO World Heritage Sites that are also popular tourist destinations for Yemenis. Shibam is home to the world’s oldest painting, while Dhamar is home to a large carpet market. – Visit the Island of Socotra: The island of Socotra is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is one of the most unique places in the Arab world. – Visit the Great Stone of Sanhaj: The Great Stone of Sanhaj is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is one of the country’s most popular tourist destinations.


Things to avoid in Yemen

– Avoid visiting Yemen during the rainy season. During this time, you should avoid traveling in the north and the west of the country. – Avoid traveling alone to dangerous areas or near conflict zones. You should also avoid going off the beaten path, as this is where many incidents take place. – Avoid illegal travel to the southern provinces of Aden and Lahj. This is due to the recent issues that have been occurring in the area. – Avoid going out on your own during the night. This is due to the high threat of kidnapping in Yemen.


Getting to Yemen

There are currently three main airports in Yemen. Sana’a International Airport is located in the capital city of Sana’a. Other airports in Yemen include the Aden International Airport and the Hodaida Airport. – You can fly to Yemen from most European countries, the Middle East, and North America. You can also travel to Yemen via Africa, Asia, and South America. – You can also fly to Yemen via India, Oman, and Dubai. However, flights to these routes are not always available, and they are not recommended due to the recent security issues.


Get a VPN while in Yemen

Due to the recent global issues in Yemen, you should consider getting a VPN while visiting the country. This will allow you to bypass any security issues that may arise while you are there. There are many good VPN providers that allow you to unblock content at Yemeni airports. Keep in mind that VPNs are not 100% reliable and can be shut down by the authorities at any time. Therefore, you should only use this option as a last resort. You should also know that many websites block VPN services. Therefore, you will need to access websites from different locations to ensure that you have access to your desired content.


Be cautious while visiting Yemen

Yemen is a beautiful country, but it is also a dangerous place. There are dozens of terrorist groups that operate in the country, and there has been a recent increase in violence in the south. This has made it dangerous for tourists to go there. As a result, you should only visit Yemen if you are comfortable with the idea of being in a dangerous place. There is also a high threat of kidnapping in Yemen. There have been many incidents of tourists being kidnapped while they were out and about in the country. You should be cautious when walking around at night, as this is when these incidents usually take place.


Where to Stay in Yemen

Due to the recent issues occurring in the south of the country, many hotels in the south have been shut down. This means that you should only stay in the northern and central regions of the country. If you do decide to stay in the south, you should try to stay in Sana’a or Aden. You should make sure to book your accommodation ahead of time, as many hotels in the south have been shut down. When it comes to choosing a place to stay in Yemen, you should consider the following factors. – Location – Where are you staying? Ideally, you want to stay in a city that is close to an airport. This is because you want to be able to get back to your hotel quickly if you are ever kidnapped. You should also try to stay away from the river in Sana’a, as this is a common kidnapping spot. – Price – It is important to remember that the prices in Yemen are very high. This means that you will have to budget carefully when booking your accommodation.



Yemen is a fascinating and beautiful place that you should definitely visit. There is a lot to do here, from visiting ancient cities and UNESCO World Heritage Sites, to enjoying the sea and mountains. There is also a lot to explore in terms of food, culture, and history. As long as you are careful, you should have a great time in this fascinating country.

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