Things To Do In Zimbabwe

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The name Zimbabwe may not be familiar to the world at large, but that’s because for most people outside of Africa, a visit there means only one thing: seeing lions in cages, getting ripped off and watching documentaries about how bad life is under the brutal white minority regime. And it’s true, as anyone living outside of that small country will tell you. However, for those who have an adventurous soul and happen to love wildlife, there’s so much more to this land than seeing animals locked in cages or going on safari. Zimbabwe is home to some of the most beautiful nature reserves in Africa and these make a great place to visit if you love hiking, exploring remote corners of forests and camping under the stars. Here are a few things you should know before visiting this country that will make you fall in love with it instead.

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When you visit Zimbabwe, don’t just see animals in cages. While you’re there, trek the Matobo Hills, go birdwatching at the Nyanga National Nature Reserve or hike the Inaccessible Mountains. The Matobo Hills are home to the highest concentration of cave systems in the world, while Nyanga National Nature Reserve offers visitors one of the best opportunities in Zimbabwe to see endemic plant species not found anywhere else on the continent. Meanwhile, the Inaccessible Mountains, which are also known as the Roof of Africa, offer some of the best hiking trails in all of southern Africa.


The best hiking trails in Zimbabwe

The best hiking trails in Zimbabwe are those that lead you to the country’s most untouched wilderness. Nyanga National Nature Reserve is a great place to explore hiking trails that lead to the Rupinga River, a tributary of the Save River, and the Rupinga Falls, the latter of which is one of Zimbabwe’s most popular waterfalls. And while it may not be as well-known as the Matobo Hills, the Inaccessible Mountains are another extension of the great wildernesses that make up the greater part of southern Africa.


UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Zimbabwe

UNESCO World Heritage Sites are places on the planet that are recognized and designated as being of outstanding cultural importance. For example, many of the ancient Roman ruins in Europe are now designated as UNESCO World Heritage Sites because they bear such importance to the history of mankind and Western culture. But what is a World Heritage Site if it’s not in Europe? Zimbabwe has two: the Great Zimbabwe Ruins and the Great Zimbabwe Ruins National Park. The former is a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its significance in the world of archaeology and history. While the Great Zimbabwe Ruins are ancient, they are also what archaeologists call a “walled city” because they were built in a particular way: with stone walls surrounding the city.


Where to go on a day trip from Zimbabwe

If you have a day to visit Zimbabwe and want to see some of its best sights, you can’t do better than to go to the Victoria Falls. The falls are the largest waterfall in the world and make for a fantastic photo opportunity. But this isn’t its only claim to fame: it is also the site of the world’s highest bungee jumping site. If bungee jumping isn’t your thing, you can also visit the Mutoko Forest, a forest that sits on the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia. This is one of the most beautiful places in the world and no visit to Zimbabwe is complete without seeing it. And if you want to see two UNESCO World Heritage Sites in one day, you can visit both the Great Zimbabwe Ruins and the Great Zimbabwe Ruins National Park.


5 black sand beaches in Zimbabwe you must see

If you’re a beach person, then you have to visit Zimbabwe’s black sand beaches. The Zimbabwean coastline is dotted with beaches made of these black sand beaches, which are formed when rivers or streams deposit the sand at the sea rather than letting it flow through to the lake. The best beaches in this category are Mavinye Beach, Chinji Beach, Karibib Beach and Lake Arbour.


The most beautiful waterfalls in southern Africa – wet and dry

Most people associate waterfalls with wet season only, but not in Zimbabwe. You can also visit the Victoria Falls in the dry season and they will be just as beautiful as they are in the wet season. Visiting Victoria Falls in the wet season is the best way to see these falls. When the falls are in the dry season, they are transformed into a series of cascades and rapids, however, when you visit them in the wet season, they are just as amazing, if not more so because you aren’t surrounded by people. And if you visit Victoria Falls during the dry season and the waterfalls are at their lowest, you can swim in the water.



Zimbabwe is a beautiful country that is worth visiting, but you have to be prepared to encounter some growing pains while you’re there. The best way to experience it is to focus on its natural wonders, such as hiking, camping and wildlife-watching, and leave the crowds and safaris behind. Once you’ve seen the wild things in their natural habitats, you’ll be able to talk with more confidence about the issues facing this beautiful country. So, if you want to see a different side of Africa, visit Zimbabwe.

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