Virginia: The Ultimate Guide for Things to Do and Where to Stay

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Whether you’re looking for the perfect getaway, a weekend escape, or a place to call home, there’s no better place than Virginia. With so much on offer from cosmopolitan cities to small towns and everything in between, you’ll never be bored! This southern state is home to some of the country’s best sights and activities. From world-famous landmarks like Colonial Williamsburg and The Great Smoky Mountains National Park to museums, zoos, and nature reserves; there are endless things to see and do here! With its abundance of natural resources – such as beaches, mountains, rivers, lakes, caves, forests, and all sorts of flora and fauna – it’s no wonder that Virginia is described as the ‘New South’. And with more than 300 wineries spread throughout the state (including many along the Blue Ridge Mountains), it makes sense that this area is often referred as ‘The Wine State!’

[highlight background=”#FFCAD4″ style=”underline”]What is a road trip in Virginia?[/highlight]

Traversing the states of Virginia and North Carolina on a road trip is a great way to see some of America’s most iconic sights and get to know some of the state’s incredible people. Virginia is the perfect Southern state for road trippers looking for a fun and relaxed road trip. With numerous beaches, mountains, forests, lakes, rivers, and cities, there’s plenty to discover on a road trip here. And while your journey may be short, you’ll likely want to come back a few times as there is so much to explore.


A guide to the best things to do in Virginia

Looking for an unforgettable weekend getaway or an activity to keep you busy during the whole summer? The state of Virginia is home to some of the country’s best activities. – Washington, D.C. – Visit the nation’s capital for monuments, museums, and culture at its best. – Colonial Williamsburg – Visit the capital’s most popular historic attraction to see how people lived in the 18th century. – Virginia Beach – Take advantage of the beach’s endless activities from surfing to swimming to fishing. – Blue Ridge Mountains – Take advantage of being in the mountains to explore some of the best national parks in the country. – Hyde Park – Explore the city’s best-kept secrets such as the park, the university, and the neighborhood. – Shenandoah National Park – Enjoy the natural beauty of one of America’s top national parks. – Charlottesville – This city offers a peaceful and relaxing experience. – Newport News – Admire the beauty of the city’s waterfront and museums. – Williamsburg – Visit this historic city to see how the colonial era shaped the country.


Where are the top sights in Virginia?

The cities of Virginia Beach, Williamsburg, Richmond, and Charlottesville are great places to start exploring the state. These are all located on the Atlantic Ocean, so even if the weather isn’t cooperating, you can still enjoy the beach. Learn more about the city of Virginia Beach by visiting its Tourism website at In Williamsburg, visitors can learn about the history of the city and the state of Virginia. Visit the site to learn more about this historic city. Richmond is home to the capital of the state, so it’s an important place to visit. You can learn more about Richmond and its history at The city of Charlottesville is a great place to explore the state because of its location between Northern Virginia and Richmond. Visit Charlottesville at and learn more about the city.


Must-see museums in Virginia

Virginia is home to some of the country’s best museums. Did you know that the Virginia Museum of Natural History in Richmond has the oldest and largest natural history collection in the country? Or that the National Civil War Museum in Richmond has the largest collection of Civil War artifacts in the world? You can learn more about these and other must-see museums at Visit Virginia.


The best hikes for nature lovers

The Blue Ridge Mountains are a great place to visit if you enjoy hiking. These mountains are covered with a diverse range of flora, including several species that are found nowhere else in the world! The mountains are also home to several National Parks, so there are many hiking trails to choose from. Learn more about some of the best hiking trails here and find out more about the best times to visit here.


The best beaches for swimming and surfing

Virginia has more than 100 miles of coastline, and you can visit each one of them. The Atlantic Ocean and the Chesapeake Bay are both great places to visit, but they are very different. The Atlantic Ocean is warmer and saltier, while the Chesapeake Bay is a freshwater lake and the only barrier to the open ocean. The Atlantic Ocean is great for swimming, surfing, sailing, and fishing.


The top ski resorts in Virginia

If you’re interested in skiing, you’ve come to the right place. Virginia has more than 20 ski resorts, and most of them are located in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Many of these ski resorts are located in the Shenandoah National Park, so you can enjoy a great adventure while enjoying the state’s best skiing. Find out more about the best ski resorts in Virginia here.



Virginia is the perfect state for travelers seeking a new culture, new scenery, and endless activities. This Southern state is home to some of the country’s best sights and activities, making it a great place to explore.


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